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Minimum thickness,
Maximum efficiency,
solutions beyond protection.

Jean y Chaumont Bergara S.L., born with
In order to offer its customers the application of the most technologically advanced anti-corrosion coatings on the market.

Since 1967 our service, quality and technical support guarantee our work in an increasingly demanding market both in the use of eco-responsible coatings as well as in the durability of anticorrosive results.

A continuous improvement, our constant is innovation and a human team oriented to the client, are the fundamental bases of our business development, providing strength, flexibility and personalized technical advice.

The services are offered in two production plants located in Bergara (Gipuzkoa) where two different types of coating are applied in their characteristics.

At Jean Recubrimientos we offer the most advanced coatings services

Coatings Geomet

Coating of zinc and aluminum sheets based on water, without the possibility of hydrogen embrittlement and high anti-corrosion performance after curing. Excellent behavior in bolted joints.

Coatings Zintek

Coating of zinc and aluminum sheets in union with a mineral resin reactive with the steel substrate. After curing, it gives high anti-corrosion performance .

Coatings Zinc Nickel

Electrolytic coating of zinc nickel alloy in alkaline suspension with an excellent anticorrosive result . Uniform finish and controlled dispersion. Complemented with passivates and sealants, they also confer special functional properties .